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ACW Services provide your every Electric heating solution.

ACW services install a full range of electric boilers to suit any size of space or property. An electric boiler works the same as a traditional gas boiler by heating water and pumping it around a piped radiator system. The boiler can also heat a hot water cylinder, letting you store the hot water for later use.

An electric boiler can be fully timed and controlled from traditional or smart controls, giving you as much control over the system as you want. Electric boilers can also be placed in a loft or any room, freeing up space in your home. Also, they do not require a flue to be fitted for operation.

The electric boiler can come as a combi unit to remove the need to store hot water. If you have an electric shower and no bath the boiler can produce hot water to feed any sinks and basins within your home. This is also a great space saver.

Are you looking to reduce you carbon footprint? Couple a new electric boiler with a green energy plan from your provider to bring your print down!

Electric boilers are available in single or 3 phase, ranging from 4kw-39kw and unlike gas boilers do not require yearly services.’


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