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Is a solar assisted heat pump for me?

Heat pumps are a great option for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly hot water solution. They use renewable technology to create heat and don’t use any fossil fuels. Additionally, Solar Assisted Heat Pump can be used in conjunction with solar panels to boost the hot water temperature up to 60 degrees from 55 degrees, effectively turning the SAHP into battery

Solar assisted heat pumps work 24/7! Solar assistant heat pumps take latent heat from the air and transforms it into a gas. Solar assisted heat pumps have an additional benefit too – direct sunlight improves the efficiency of the panel.

​​The thermodynamic system is a great solution for domestic heating and hot water. Working like a ‘fridge in reverse’, solar assisted heat pumps circulate refrigerant liquid around a thermodynamic panel that is attached to an external wall. As the panel absorbs energy, it is passed to the refrigerant which changes the state to gas.